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Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Popular Music Center

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

As part of a major investment project in Southern Taiwan, the Kaohsiung City Govern­ment hosted a competition for a Marine Culture and Pop Music Center on the city’s water­front. The design target is creating an arti­ficial land­scape that erases the borders between inside and out, public and private and presents its entire self as a stage for activity.

The whole complex is snug against the water’s edge at the transi­tional zone between the existing buil­dings and the water. Music and water move­ments connect – like dancing move­ments – to an un­dulating motion that is trans­lated into the built land­scape. The peaks of the wave are formed by special points that house the large concert hall and the shipping museum. These peaks are the mar­kings of this special place and act as light­houses at the water’s edge.


Competition 2010