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Adidas Offices West

Herzogenaurach, Germany

The entirety of workplaces at Offices West represents a steadily altering organism, which certainly exceeds the place found in conventional concepts of office buildings. The design therefore develops the individual areas of operation like a string, with different beads which are, freely assembled, spirally inclining in the course of the windings. In contrast to a linear system of organization, the special concept of the helix offers a tridimensional networking of all areas. The stereoscopic spiral which is formed this way transposes the passion for movement, which is at the focus of adidas Group, into constructed dynamics.

The building site for the Offices West is characterized by a high density of existing valuable trees. This special landform is therefore deliberately integrated rather than ignored. The networking of the building with its vegetated surrounding landforms through versatile reference to indoors and outdoors counts as an essential motive of its surrounding.


Competition 2014