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airport train station Graz

Graz, Austria

In 2003 we planned the Graz Airport train station for the Koralmbahn. The planned station is at the beginning of a 3 km long underground route. The northern entrance will be located in such a way that there is a direct connection to the planned terminal expansion. Between the two entrances to the station, three elliptical ceiling openings are located in the tunnel ceiling, which are protected from the weather at street level by shell-shaped flying roofs. In the area of the entrances, the tunnel ceiling is opened over the entire width and covered by an arched hall construction. In the design of the underground station, cladding elements are largely dispensed with. Instead, the tunnel side walls are inclined slightly inwards and are designed as linearly structured exposed concrete surfaces. Planning in a team with Eisner, Lorenz, Seib.


competition: 2003