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Kindergarten and residential construction Bernoullistraße


The urban development challenge is approached through two multi-story buildings and a two-story kindergarten in between them. The orthogonal orientation of the buildings establishes a dialogue with the adjacent existing residential settlement.

A two-story „pedestal“ area acts as a formal and functional link across all buildings. On one hand, it shields the kindergarten’s open area from the street; on the other hand, it creates generous room heights in the multi-story buildings, accommodating diverse commercial uses like medical practices, offices, or workshops.

The two multi-story buildings, positioned above the „pedestal“, function as residential buildings and receive natural light through cuts and lit staircases.

In addition to a children’s and youth playground in the southwest of the area, this design provides extra green communal spaces: The kindergarten’s roof is designed as a green terrace, serving as a “centerpiece” for residents with a children’s playground and opportunities for urban gardening.


Competition 2023: 2nd place