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BODNER Headquarter


The recessed terrain configuration on the construction site is used to build a half-story recessed parking deck. This significantly reduces the building volume above ground, making space for a loose structure and more green space. By dividing the building mass into a total of 3 houses, buildings of reduced individual size are created, which are offset from one another and staggered in their heights, they open across corners and allow a free view of the panorama. Inside the ensemble, a quiet inner space is created, which forms a campus center of high outdoor quality.

The external appearance of the Bodner headquarters shows elements of shell structures in the form of roughly cut ceiling edges and associations of construction site containers. The design concept extends from the facade to the interior. Here the container boxes serve as retreat rooms and meeting booths and are freely arranged in the covered atrium.


Competition 2020 1st prize

General planning in consortium with Marcel Grabher

Realization 2023-2024