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Go Four It


Based on an existing area plan, a lively, high-densified quarter is being developed as the center of the new business park in Munich Moosach.

The strada is the central access and circulation axis, a high-quality outdoor space of supralocal urban significance. In its spatial articulation the strada generates an urban atmosphere that is quite unlike what you find in the usual business park.

Four buildings are structured by clefts and breaches and further differentiated through stepped upper floors and entrance-forming recesses. The lower floors with their greater ceiling heights and expanded technical building services enable types of use that contribute to livening up the quarter.

Aside from shops, restaurant, and social facilities, spaces are created for start-ups and new forms of work, from creative activities to gentle production: an urban plinth in the microcity. The upper floors accommodate flexibly usable office spaces that allow for varied spatial layouts beyond the typical central corridor with rows of cubicles.



competition 2020

design from 2021 in collaboration with AllesWirdGut

construction 2022-2024

client EB32 Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH&Co KG

renderings Backsteen, Alt/Shift | project name „Go Four It“: Backsteen