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Grillweg Quarter


Where remains of the former „Euroshopping“ at the Western city entrance of Graz now stand, a “green courtyard” with around 400 flats and appropriate infrastructure is to be developed.

An enclosed block which offers a generous and sheltered courtyard presents the central idea of the project. The clear structure and the differentiated development of heights reacts to the scale of the neighbouring houses – lower towards Grillweg and higher towards the high-rise buildings along Kärnter Straße. The outwardly sharply cut form becomes porous towards the middle and the top and forms a huge “garden house” via terraces, balconies, loggias and roof top gardens. The name “green courtyard” is not only to be seen as a simple keyword but represents a built programme!


Competition 2015

Award 1st prize

Construction starting 2018

Landscape architect 3zu0 Landschaftsarchitektur