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Headquarters Sandoz


From a “half-finished” residential building to a “hip” office building – after a feasibility study (Zechner & Zechner) and initial planning ideas (Georg Bechter Architektur), the ARGE Zechner & Zechner/Grabher ZT converted the half-built residential building into a trend-setting office.

The former living concept envisaged low room heights. By opening up the floor slabs at various points, levels were connected with one another and views were created that strengthen collaborative work.

These two-storey rooms are designed as vertical green spaces: plants climb up on tensioning devices and form indoor gardens that serve as meeting places during breaks or for social exchange. Wall openings also ensure more spatial openness in the horizontal direction and create passageways and visual relationships.

An informal exchange is just as possible for the employees as ad hoc meetings or larger team meetings. In addition to classic desks, there are also seating niches, closed boxes and sofas with a view towards the countryside for individual work. You can enjoy a special view of Kufstein and its fortress from the roof terrace: in addition to outdoor workspaces, it provides a chill-out area and is suitable for internal office celebrations.

Wooden surfaces, felt wall coverings, good acoustics, optimal natural and artificial lighting create a pleasant room climate and an environment that not only does justice to future work models, but also offers space for breaks and relaxation.

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Planning: 2022-2023

Realization: 2023

Partner: Grabher ZT

Client: Sandoz GmbH

Photographs: Thilo Härdtlein

Video: Emil Härdtlein