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The urban development project of VIERTEL ZWEI is to be concluded with two buildings in the northeast of the district. In particular, it is about the construction of two high-rise buildings – a 120m high hotel- and office tower and a 90m high residential building – as a new landmark on the site.

The two high-rise buildings, which are arranged at right angles to each other, define the edge of the quarter as a large open space that connects to the south. The corner is marked by the higher building. The gate situation to the quarter is underlined by the canopy between the buildings.

The taller building “Weitblick” is rounded off elliptically along the main wind direction in order to reduce negative wind influences near the ground.

The lower residential building “Grünblick” steps towards “Grüner Platz” with green roof terraces.

The project is based on the competition design by Mario Cucinella architects and is carried out in collaboration with the office.


weblink: Viertel Zwei

video: video Gruenblick


competition: 2017 MCA

developer: Value One Holding AG

renderings: MCA