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Il Duomo

Vienna Praterstern

The building stands at the entrance to the ‘Bank Austria Campus’ and is designed to act as an inviting front building. The horizontal deviation of the upper floors opens the space towards Praterstern and creates a slim front.
The concept for the interior access core develops into a ground-plan configuration with a ‘bone-shaped’ outline that is wider at the ends. By overlaying this basic shape with incisions, which are dictated by the building’s urban surroundings, the volume of the structure is divided both horizontally and vertically.
The square in front of the main en­trance to the building functions as a fitting prelude to the Bank Austria Campus and the entire Nordbahnhof site. The most important design element is the softly curving landscape of the square, which is modelled after the existing topography, divides the area into zones and regulates the most important pedestrian routes.


Competition 2013

Award 2nd Stage