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MAM – Research- and Development Center


MAM sees itself as a provider of lifestyle baby products that combine innovative design and function in one product, simplifying the lives of parents and their children. The new R & D center for the company is to be implemented in several construction phases. Each individual section is conceived as an independent volume, and successive growth creates an image of visible milestones in the company‘s history. The chosen strategy creates a small-scale structure that blends harmoniously into the surrounding area of ​​the community. The construction volumes are staggered into the landscape following the natural course of the terrain and are each lowered one floor further and additionally shifted against each other. The structures form soft curved volumes, the contours flow into each other and form seamless transitions. The soft rounded shapes are a link to MAM‘s products – „babies are soft & round, not square & edgy“.



Competition 2017

Investor BAMED/MAM Gruppe