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Merkur Campus


The Merkur Campus, the new Headquarter of an insurance company, consists of an existing building and two new buildings, which are connected by a single-storey structure.

The connecting structure, which has an S-shaped ground plan, creates a clearly defined external area on the east side and spans a small forecourt at the entrance area. The face of the building is also set back on the west side to allow a continuous green area alongside the railway, which widens to create a large green space in front of the lobby. The green roof of the connecting structure is designed to be accessible via an external staircase and can also be reached from the first floor by people with reduced mobility. The tallest structure (8 floors) is located at the south end of the connecting structure and acts as a prominent landmark for the corner of the site. Its relatively less tall counterpart (6 floors) is situated at the north end of the connecting structure.

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competition 2015, 1st price

planning 2016-2019

completion 2020