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Office building Rossau


The inner court of the Rossauer barracks in Vienna is part of an urban and architecturally valuable object which serves as a distinctive landmark in central Vienna and is protected as a historic monument. This initial situation required a highly sensitive approach in the implementation of the planned new building for 400 office work stations for the Ministry of National Defense and Sport.

The overall shape of the new building primarily evolves from aspects of town planning as well as the strategy of minimizing mutual interference between new and existing buildings. The resulting shape of the “double-X” adopts the existing architectural design concept of mirror symmetry. This “double-X” shape of the new building expands the space in the inner courtyard- and entrance areas. Elevation of the building creates a 5.5 meter clearance underneath which offers a view of the inner courtyard facades and a public passage.

The orthogonal facades in the entrance area of the courtyard create a virtual counterpart along the front due to their mirroring surfaces.

The energy concept meets the highest standards of energy efficiency and sustainability. Through structural-passive measures energy consumption for heating / cooling / lighting / fans is minimized and the remaining needs covered resource saving.



Competition 2016

Design 2016-2017

Construction starting 2019

General Planning with ILF