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Park and Ride Facility Wiener Neustadt

Wiener Neustadt

Another parking deck was required due to increased demand for parking spaces around Wiener Neustadt station. The new parking is targeted at commuters who change for public transport. The parking deck offers 850 spaces for cars and is connected to the station’s pedestrian tunnel. This provides a sheltered connection between car and train. To counteract the weight of the concrete squares, a light ‘gown’ of stainless steel meshwork is draped over it in the form of a curtain facade. Angling and buckling of the curtain facade gives the volume a dynamic three-dimensionality and also gives the structure a variety of spatial appearances. The primary impression within the parking deck is the different colouring of the floors, which help with orientation. Walls are penetrated to provide maximum visibility, resulting in different colour frames.


Planning 2008-2009

Completion 2011

General Planning Werner Consult