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Relaunch façade design of furniture stores Kika

Innsbruck-Rum, Ansfelden, Eisenstadt, Linz, Budapest

The task was to develop a new external appearance for buildings of the furniture store chain Kika which currently only appear in different designs.
The aim was to conceptualise a façade with a distinctive design and a high value of brand recognition – regardless of the type of the existing cladding. In due consideration of the colour red as characteristic of the Kika company a new membrane is applied on the existing buildings enabling flexible reactions to different demands like light irradiation, statics and configuration. Aluminium lamellae, twisted in their longitudinal direction, clad the buildings more densely close to the ground and open upwards. The “frozen” movement of the lamellae creates an impression of a moving curtain and generates a dynamic façade surface. The transparency of the curtain is enhanced additionally in the evening hours by backlighting.


Planning 2016

Completion 2016, 2017