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Residential tower Nordbahnhof


The differentiated height graduation of the neighborhood finds its peak in the residential tower. The skyscraper connects to the lower buildings and thus embeds itself in the scale of the existing city. The potential arising from the special height is utilized in the base by the intensive activation on two floors. It offers generous entrees, urban uses in the pedestal, community facilities, commercial and socio-cultural uses.

The skyscraper presents itself to the square as a calm, simply configured body. In contrast to the „Freie Mitte”, the volume unfolds over two levels. The “folds” define the projection to the green space and create a significant independent shape of the house.


Competition 2018

Property developer ÖVW - Österreichisches Volkswohnungswerk Gemeinnützige Ges.m.b.H.

ARGE with Aicher ZT GmbH