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Rinter NEW


The project “Rinter Neu” comprises several tracts of a complex with an office building including laboratories, an old goods processing hall with Vintage shop, a workshop- and warehouse wing, a garage and flying roof block, a service station including a car-wash-box as well as vehicle storage areas for the MA 48 of the City of Vienna and Wienkanal.
The urban development concept provides an L-shape, which clearly defines the accompanying roads and the heterogeneous environment. In addition to the achievement of a calm order of the individual functional groups and components the building parts clearly show their usages and are shaped according to their purpose.
The façades of the main building are devided into a two-storey plinths and the two levels located above. The entire head area is adjusted by means of rotatable sun protection louvers, made of perforated aluminum. The facades of the other buildings are designed as restrained surfaces, which reflect the technical character of the complex.


Planning 2017

ARGE with Werner Consult