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Quadrill Tabakfabrik Linz


The project “Quadrill” will complete the building complex of the Tabakfabrik Linz designed by Peter Behrens. The street front towards the city center will become more attractive, the permeability to the inner courtyard is increased and an activity center at the Peter Behrens place is created. A lively silhouette with a new reference point develops a high signal effect for the entire Tabakfabrik area.

According to the existing functions, the new uses such as offices, shops, housing, eventspace, studios, restaurants, a hotel and a sky-restaurant create added value for both the existing and the neighboring population, residents and guests. In addition to a variety of functions, the focus is on high flexibility.

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Competition 1st prize

Planning starting 2018

Realization 2021-2025

Project development TF-Quadrill Projekt GmbH / Bodner Gruppe