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Tower and fire brigade Zeltweg

Zeltweg Hinterstoisser

The condition of the structure and technology of the existing building as well as the introduction of the Eurofighter by the Austrian defence forces, required the construction of a new air traffic control tower and a service building for fire brigade, winter service and rescue. The decision to combine the tower and sheds led to the creation of a ‘standing’ part and ‘reclining’ part of the building. The two elements interact with each other, the ‘foot’, consisting of the fire brigade area and base, confronts the 45m tower. The epitrochoid ground plan is a result of the main lines of sight to the runway.

The tower does not occur in its classical form, consisting of a shaft topped by a control room, but instead takes the shape of a multi-storey building, where the separation into different floors is subverted by the irregular placement of slit-like windows – a high tech camouflage. In contrast to the shiny silver tower, the base structures seem to be anthracite grey boxes, sitting heavily on the ground.


Competition 2006

Award 1st prize

Planning 2007-2008

Completion 2010

ARGE with Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH, Hans Lechner ZT GmbH