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Training workshop Wiener Linien


The new training campus serves a dual purpose as both an educational institution and a hands-on workshop. A paramount consideration during the planning phase was the creation of an inviting, well-lit, and comfortable atmosphere throughout the entire facility.

This spirit of openness manifests prominently in the entrance area, thoughtfully designed as a spacious covered expanse. Defined by a striking configuration of V-shaped wood and steel beams, this area not only provides ample space for arrivals but also doubles as an outdoor respite for apprentices, complete with a generously-sized ball playground.

Upon entering the building, apprentices and trainees are greeted by a welcoming 240-square-meter foyer that is also adaptable for hosting collaborative events.

The first floor houses mechanical engineering workshops, alongside office, training, and meeting spaces, characterized by their generous dimensions. In contrast, the second floor stands out for its layout of individual rooms, with offices and training areas thoughtfully connected through two access corridors. Natural light filters in from above, thanks to strategically placed light shafts.

Material choices play a significant role in defining the campus’s character. Raw steel and concrete in the staircase areas accentuate its workshop ambiance, while wood, on the other hand, introduces a sense of comfort and warmth. The use of wood also allowed for efficient prefabrication of various elements, a crucial factor in meeting tight construction deadlines.

In addition to adopting a CO2-saving timber construction method, the campus incorporates various resource-conserving and energy-efficient measures, earning it the esteemed klimaaktiv Gold certification. Notably, the absence of screed throughout the building is complemented by the exclusive use of floors made from recycled materials.

For its energy needs, the building relies on geothermal heating, while its electricity is generated through a dedicated photovoltaic system with an impressive output of 92 kWp, spanning almost the entire length of the 103-meter-long building.


planning: 2021-2022

completed: 2023

award: klimaaktiv Gold certrificate