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U5 Station design


The dynamic flow of trains and pedestrians is continued which accompanies the traveler through the underground stations. Acceleration and delay are creatively interpreted in the form of grids and areas. The concept of the station is based on the approved design of existing Viennese underground stations. The contrast between the raw and dark rail track areas and the light and friendly customer’s areas is maintained and extended to a dynamic and colorful accent lighting of the track area. The station shows two different faces in the cityscape – it changes from an extroverted appearance during daytime into an introverted one at night. By day, the sunlight is caught by a light dot pattern which is changed in the course of sunset into the opposite visual appearance. The opaque dot pattern outlines the dark in front of the light underground. The light now shines from the inside an guides a safe and fearless path into the station.



Competition 2015

Award 3rd prize

Lighting designer podpod design