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Waagner Biro Residential Estate


Western Graz, with its extensive spaces and the way it has developed over recent years, is providing hope for the city’s urban renewal. Former industrial zones are visibly transforming into aspirational areas full of vitality. The site, of approx. 49,000 m², on the Waagner-Biro-Straße is to be developed for residential building and non-residential uses.

The concept incorporates the scale of the building’s surroundings and develops a self-contained and impressive look for the attractive urban residential facility.

The individual three- to eight-storey structures are arranged spatially to form residential groups, so that a discreet but effective separation of interior and public areas is created.

The groupings form 80cm high plateaus which differentiate the public thoroughfares and spaces to ‘hang out’ from private and shared open areas.

The squares created along the central axis of the site will give the new neighbourhood an identity and its people a place to meet. The ‘hard’ edges of the squares will give the spaces an exaggerated and striking setting/frame.


Competition 2011

Award 2nd Stage

Lanscape architect 3:0 Landschaftsarchitektur